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  1. Bearded exclusive…Emily Rodgers’ latest single

    Bearded exclusive…Emily Rodgers’ latest single

    America’s tradition of pushing out raw folk artists that love a haunting violin continues with Emily Rodgers latest single, ‘In The City’ from her forthcoming release Two Years. Part the plaintive acoustics of Alela Diane, part the hollow warble of Lykki Li or bitter harshness of Kristin Hersh ‘In The City’ is one for fans of the modern take on folk coming out of America’s early noughties.

    Posted on May 19th, 2016 / Features and Interviews

  2. Introducing…Irma Vep

    Introducing…Irma Vep

    Our Introducing... series focuses on artists who we think are worth shouting about. Here we have Irma Vep, a psychedelic spoonful of continuous guitar and electronically reverbed vocals.

    Posted on May 14th, 2016 / Features and Interviews

  3. Interview: Onoe Caponoe

    Interview: Onoe Caponoe

    The stalwart London MC chats about his lauded new LP Spells From The Cyclops and recent influences

    Posted on May 11th, 2016 / Features and Interviews

  4. Interview: Sam Zircon

    Interview: Sam Zircon

    Producer and DJ Sam Zircon chats about his recently released LP Anxiety Skits

    Posted on Apr 29th, 2016 / Features and Interviews

  5. Interview: Enlish

    Interview: Enlish

    The storied UK rapper discusses his acclaimed recently released LP Slumdog Hundredaire, influences and future plans

    Posted on Apr 23rd, 2016 / Features and Interviews